Whittaker Covers The Rocky Fire
3-Aug-2015 | prime
Max Whittaker’s photo of the Rocky Fire in northern California made page one of the Sunday edition of The New York Times. Paris Match also featured an online slideshow of his work.  


24-Jun-2014 | Dominic Bracco II
Outflow is collaboration between Dominic Bracco II and Brendan Hoffman. Since 2010, they have been exploring the effects of NAFTA, globalization, and cheap labor on Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, and Webster City, Iowa, culminating in extensive documentary projects which paint portraits

Aqui Vivimos

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Angel and Gerson pose for a portrait in the municipal dump where they work in Tegucigalpa.

A campesino in Bajo Aguan, where local farm workers are waging a war against big African Palm companies.

The blood of two brothers and their friend in San Pedro Sula.

A soccer field in Tegucigalpa.

Boys hang out in the gang controlled El ‘Ove Park in Tegucigalpa.

The body of ten-year-old boy who was accidentally killed by a stray bullet during a shootout between police and an extortionist.

Lizeth Cerros mourns her murdered husband, Darwin Franco, with her children, later she received another death threat. Franco was a community organizer.

A carnival worker before the show in San Pedro Sula.

Jorge, the son of a military commander, spends a Sunday afternoon at his aunt’s house.

Merchants in San Pedro Sula, go about their business while a body lies in the middle of the street. Dead bodies sit for hours before the coroner has time to pick them up.

Prisoners beg church members for deodorant bars in the Comayagua Prison, where three-hundred-sixty men were killed in a fire in 2012.

Honduran military engage gunmen who were hiding out inside a residence in San Pedro Sula.

A young contortionist at the circus visiting San Pedro Sula.

University students throw teargas bombs back at police during an anti fraud protest in Tegucigalpa.

A man plays for a church group in Tegucigalpa.

Family members of a murdered community organizer mourn his death at his funeral.

A campesino in Bajo Aguan.

Three boys hide from the camera while officials dig up a body that was buried in a cornfield in San Pedro Sula. The boys were waiting to see if their friend was in the grave. He wasn’t.

Two teams from the Honduran National American Football League congratulate each other in the rain after a game.

Family members carry out the coffin of a murdered campesino.

Ousted Honduran president Manuel Zelaya rallies leftist supporters during a press conference in Tegucigalpa.

Tegucigalpa “Ultra Fiel,” soccer fans during a match against San Pedro Sula’s team.

A domestic worker picks up garbage outside of a home in a wealthy neighborhood of San Pedro Sula.

Riot Police wait for protesters to leave.

A mother and her daughter at an evangelical church.

Two boys walk back to shore in Tula.

Police and forensic investigators remove bodies from a car that was found abandoned in a park.

Nationalist party supporters wave flags in support of the current president.

A young boy draws pictures in the dirt while police negotiate with his parents before raiding a house where his family members are hiding with gunmen.

Jorge and Emilia watch planes take of from the Tegucigalpa airport.


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