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Book: Motobaik, by Christian Rodriguez

Book: Motobaik, by Christian Rodriguez


In Hanoi, the capital and the second largest city in Vietnam, many of the 6.5 million inhabitants use their motorbikes to go from one place to another at rush hour. One can tell that more than half of the drivers are women by their clothes, which protect them from the sun to serve local beauty stereotypes. 

This series of portraits hides a complex social reality: the pressure to which women are subjected in order to follow the standards of beauty imposed by the West, including the color of the skin as a symbol of status and social position.

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First edition, 300 copies

Edition by Christian Rodriguez + Vibrant Editora 
Patterns by Beatriz Barros
Design by Martina Brant
Print production by Aline Valli

Size: 47cm x 32cm
Pages: 48
Paper: even glow opalina 120 g/m2
Font: gotham bold
Printing: maistype

Printed in São Paulo, Brazil
April 2016