Features by Lance Rosenfield

‘Thirst for Grit’ – Box of Prints and Artifacts by Lance Rosenfield

This collectors prototype box of pigment prints on fiber paper and artifacts is available for purchase.  Contact Lance Rosenfield for inquiries. We live in the age of digital media which often leaves works as forgotten zeros and ones, and I believe some projects deserve better than that.  With this box of prints and artifacts I aim to pay homage to my project ‘Thirst for Grit’ with a lasting tactile and visual experience. C O L O P H O N This prototype box of pigment prints on fiber paper and artifacts accompanies the solo show… read more.

Rio de Janeiro by Lance Rosenfield

Fellow “primers” Mel Burford interviews Lance Rosenfield about his recent trip to Rio. Mel B: What was the driving force behind the trip to Rio? Lance: The email read something like this, “…I am leaving for Rio in about 10 days if you wanna come…bickford and tony skater on board..hey dude Rio.” David Alan Harvey has been working on a Geographic assignment in Rio de Janeiro, and before his assignment started up again, he wanted to settle into the city to cover Carnaval on his own and invited myself, Chris Bickford and Tony Smallwood to join… read more.

les fêtes d’Acadiana by Lance Rosenfield

As one of the most culturally rich regions in the United States, the people of Acadiana, Louisiana celebrate traditions that link to their origins of medieval France.  Two such traditions are Courír de Mardi Gras and Le Tournoi, both offering a glimpse into the horse culture of Acadiana.  This is an on-going project in which Lance will continue exploring folklife on the Cajun prairie.

Thirst for Grit by Lance Rosenfield

Tense and determined, his jaw clenched tight and his hand bound once again to a beast with the power to quickly end his life, he slides up and nods his head, primed for a violent ride to test his mettle and deliver a show to an oft-scarce crowd on the outskirts of a small Texas town. He is a rodeo cowboy, and his gritty fortitude first interested me in exploring who he is, where he comes from, and what keeps him coming back. The rodeo cowboy has been a folk hero of the American West for… read more.

Grace and Burn by Lance Rosenfield

Grace and Burn is short visual poem inspired by the players on the courts and gyms of New York City in 2006. It was the forceful and balletic movements of the handball players, the emotional chatter and shit-talking, the whirls of jump ropes in the gym, the rhythm of fists on the speed bag, smell of sweat and hard work that emanated from the chipped-paint walls and floors of the gym. The grace of the athletes that made these places what they were, that is what I set out to capture.