Christian Rodriguez

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Christian Rodriguez explores themes related to gender and identity, working with communities all over the world. Currently, he is developing a long-term project entitled “Teen Mom,” about teenage pregnancy in Latin America. His work has been published internationally, including The New York Times, The Guardian, The New Yorker, The Washington Post, El Mundo, Yo Dona, EsquireEl País, Pagina 12, ABC, El Observador, Lento and others.

Christian’s award-winning photographs are exhibited and collected internationally. Christian is also the director of the international photography festival San José Foto in San José, Uruguay,  April 7 – 10, 2016.


2016  Winner Getty Instagram Grant , 2015  1st Prize  PHE OjodePez Award for Human Values, Spain 2015  1st Prize Festival Llamale H, Uruguay 2015  Trasantlántica PHOTOESPAÑA Multimedia Prize, Spain 2015  1st Prize  POY Latam “Women in Society” 2015  3rd Prize in PMH 2015  The New York Times portfolio review, New York, US 2013  Nuevo Talento FNAC de Fotografía, Spain


2014  Xiec, FNAC Spain (solo exhibition) 2013  Xiec, FNAC Spain (solo exhibition) 2010   Sau, EFTI, Madrid Spain (solo exhibition) 2015  Encontros da Imagen, Open Call , Portugal 2015  “Motobaik”, Trips, GETXOPHOTO Curated by C. Caujolle, Spain 2015  “Latinoamérica es un pueblo al sur de EEUU” PHE15, Casa de América, Spain 2015  Centro de la Imagen, XVI Bienal de Fotografía, Mexico Books 2015  Pequeños Formatos, Editora Madalena, Brasil 2014  #SELFIE Madrid-São Paulo Vibrant Editora, Brasil 2009  Jeté.  Editions CMDF, Uruguay


2015  Gallery 44, Toronto, Canada 2015  Masterclas in  EFTI, Madrid, Spain 2015  Madalena Centro de Estudios, São Paulo, Brasil 2015  ADM, Mexico City, Mexico 2015  “Narrativas Rioplatenses” Bs As, Argentina and Montevideo, Uruguay 2014  Paraty em foco Internacional Photography Festival, Brasil 2014  Lecture in U. De la  Republica, Facultad de Arquitectura. Mdeo. Uruguay

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