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Living Positive. by Dominic Bracco II

Living Positive. Chapter 1: Sub Saharan Africa.  Miriam is deaf and mute. She has HIV, but her family hasn’t explained her status. She sits on her bed in a stifling room, resting against the wall, cradling her newborn child in her arms. The baby is crying uncontrollably. Her neighbor Hadija tries to help her calm him, wiping the beads of sweat from his face, and changing his bedding. Hours later they take the child to the hospital where he later dies. **** It takes Catherine three hours to walk to the clinic from her rural… read more.

Giants: Oaxaca Wind Energy Controversy by Dominic Bracco II

Giants is a work in progress. Text by Erik Vance In 2011, for the first time, the developing world created more wind turbines than the developed. That same year, the first local landowner was killed during a dispute over wind farm land in Mexico. As wind farms continue to grow to offset our ballooning carbon budget, the biggest question for the next decade will be: Where will we find the land? In Oaxaca, Mexico, this question is already coming to a head as local indigenous people clash with international Spanish wind companies over North America’s… read more.

The Bakers of Abbassia by Dominic Bracco II

In “New Egypt” citizens have begun an attempt to form the fledgling democracy – engaging in political debate after Friday prayer in Tahrir, writing articles about military control, forming political groups, but these are still freedoms far out of reach for many of Egypt’s poor. The bakers of Abbassia never made it to the protests downtown. Not only were they fearful of loosing their jobs, they also understood just exactly how important their role is in Egypt. One said that if the bakers went on strike the people of Egypt would starve. Bread has been… read more.

Life and Death in The Northern Pass by Dominic Bracco II

Chapter 1: The Siege (2010 – 2012) “There are two ways of thinking about living here; either you go on every day and when it’s your turn to die you die, or you live every day in fear.” – Daniel Gonzalez, 26, a resident of Ciudad Juarez who later moved to El Paso, Texas. In the decades preceding the drug war the population of Ciudad Juarez exploded as droves of workers came in search of jobs promised after the implementation of several international free trade agreements. Officials did little during this time to boost infrastructure.… read more.

Kazakh Dust by Dominic Bracco II

Kazakhstan suffers from one of the fastest rates of soil degradation in the world due largely to the effects of Soviet irrigation and nuclear testing and currently with the continuation of shifting topsoils, overgrazing, and irrigation from China. During the 1960s the USSR began irrigating the waters of the Aral Sea in southern Kazakhstan to combat their growing food crisis. The Soviets severely miscalculated and water began receding quickly from the port cities. The waters continued to recede. By 2000 the water was 80 km away from the city of Aralsk, a main seaport in… read more.

Stuck in Tallinn by Dominic Bracco II

I found myself in Tallinn, Estonia waiting for a Visa to Russia. During my time in Tallinn I made pictures on my way to the store, pub, post office, and just to kill time. It was a nice place to be in visa limbo. The former soviet state holds very little in common with its Russian neighbor, although occasionally you see some slice of its former self. The flourishing democracy joined the European Union in 2004 and has one of the highest per capita incomes in central europe.

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