Journal: Sandra Bland And Other Lives

24-Jul-2015 | prime

by Lance Rosenfield On my way from Houston to Austin today, I pulled off at Prairie View, Texas, where Sandra Bland was arrested during a traffic stop on July 10. Three days later she was dead in jail. I drove

Prime Is Seeking New Members

15-Jul-2015 | prime

Prime is seeking applicants for membership. The ideal candidate(s) will embrace innovation, collaboration, and a driving passion for visual storytelling with humility, professionalism, and personal vision. Interested candidates should send all of the following: – link to your website –

Lori Waselchuk Named Coordinator

14-Jul-2015 | prime

Prime is very excited to name Lori Waselchuk as our new coordinator. Lori brings a wealth of experience, energy, and ideas, and is a prominent documentary photographer and educator in her own right. She’ll be managing Prime’s marketing efforts, group

In Memory

| prime

Brendan Hoffman and the members of prime are thinking about the families of the victims of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, which crashed one year ago this week in Ukraine, killing all 298 people aboard. While the official investigation has not

Journal: Confederate Flag, Hurt and Healing

13-Jul-2015 | prime

  by Lance Rosenfield This is a stream of conscience writing… I drove to Columbia, SC to witness and to better understand the political and social conflicts surrounding the removal of the Confederate flag at the South Carolina State House.

Prime is looking for a coordinator

13-Apr-2015 | prime

Prime is looking for a coordinator to manage our social media, newsletter, blog, and other marketing efforts. You’ll also help manage group projects, fundraising, and our extensive archive. The ideal candidate will have photo editing and social media experience, and

The Brothers Bakhit

13-Oct-2014 | Max Whittaker

Assembly Bill 12 is California legislation that allows foster youth to continue to receive state support from the ages of 18-21, in an effort to ease the transition into adulthood. However, there’s one caveat to AB 12. If a foster

East Ukraine for Newsweek

28-Aug-2014 | prime

In late July, Brendan Hoffman traveled to Donetsk, Ukraine for Newsweek. A slideshow of his work, along with his written reflections, has just been posted online.

California drought for The Washington Post

19-Aug-2014 | prime

Prime’s Max Whittaker leads the front page of today’s Washington Post with more coverage of California’s unprecedented drought. See more photos and read Joby Warrick’s story at The Washington Post.

California drought: Sand Fire

29-Jul-2014 | Max Whittaker

I spent Saturday covering the Sand Fire in the Sierra foothills east of Sacramento for Reuters. Currently, the fire has burned 3,800 acres of oak woodland in steep river canyons and surrounding vineyards and is 80 percent contained. Thirteen homes

Brendan Hoffman gives an inside perspective of the aftermath of MH17′s crash to TIME.

25-Jul-2014 | prime

Reporter Simon Shuster and our own Brendan Hoffman give their first-hand impressions from the MH17 crash site in Ukraine, in this video for TIME.

Brendan Hoffman on front page of today’s International New York Times

23-Jul-2014 | prime

Brendan Hoffman’s subtle photo from the MH17 crash in Ukraine graces the front page of today’s International New York Times.

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