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Men Grapple With Infertility for The Washington Post Magazine

by Lance Rosenfield

Portrait of Jeremy and Kia Roop at their apartment in Westminster, Maryland on May 5, 2013. Jeremy and Kia are expecting their first born, Judah Zion Roop, who was conceived through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) at Shady Grove Fertilization Center in Rockville, Maryland. CREDIT: Lance Rosenfield/Prime (Lance Rosenfield/Prime)

While the difficult subject of infertility is often discussed, it is usually from the woman’s perspective. I recently worked with The Washington Post Magazine writer Ellen McCarthy and photo editor Bronwen Latimer on the story, “For Men, Infertility Often Becomes a Private Heartache”, which ran in the June 9, 2013 issue. For the feature I followed two couples and focused on the men, Jeremy and Kia Roop from Westminster, Maryland, and Stephen and Jenn Yunis from Germantown, Maryland. Read more.

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Texas Teachers Take Handgun Training

by Lance Rosenfield

Teachers and staff of Clifton Independent School District in Clifton, Texas take the Concealed Handgun Permit training from Big Iron. Big Iron is owned and operated by Johnny Price. February 7, 2013. CREDIT: Lance Rosenfield/Prime (Lance Rosenfield/Prime)

While in Austin two weeks ago, Education Week sent me on a rather interesting assignment: teachers training for their Concealed Handgun License in Clifton, Texas.

It’s hard for me to fathom any of my teachers carrying a concealed handgun in the classroom when I was in school. I suppose we live in a time when this is becoming a reality. Read more.

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Carlin Isles Is The Fastest Man in Rugby for The Sunday Times

by Lance Rosenfield

Former professional sprinter Carlin Isles, who has a personal best in the 100-meters of 10.13, has been dubbed 'The Fastest Man in Rugby'. Portrait of Carlin Isles of the United States National Rugby Sevens Team at his home in Round Rock, Texas. December 21, 2012. CREDIT: Lance Rosenfield/Prime (Lance Rosenfield/Prime)

I think Carlin Isles has something that may change the game of rugby: extreme speed. I got to meet this polite, soft spoken young lightning bolt at his home in Round Rock, Texas while on a portrait assignment for The Sunday Times Read more.

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Hospital Residency Program for AUSTIN MONTHLY

by Lance Rosenfield

Claudia Walker, 90, talks to doctors at University Medical Center at Brackenridge in Austin, Texas. November 27, 2012. (Lance Rosenfield/Prime)

From time to time a nice surprise comes along in the way of a commission for an original photo essay. You know, the kind of 10-page essay in a glossy magazine that the previous photo generation sings ‘remember when’ anthems about, and the kind that led many of us into this world of photography. Read more.

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The Swimmer

by Lance Rosenfield

 (Lance Rosenfield)

Feeling compelled to shoot a commercial style project, last week I rounded up a couple friends, Neil Randall (swimmer) and Jake Herrle (creative collaborator), at the crack of dawn and lugged portable lighting gear down to Barton Springs Pool for a little fun.

Read more.

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